Friday, March 2, 2012

Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart...

Friday night

usually bursting with friends, Gospel reading, hot soup, singing and popcorn prayer...

BUT this week was amazingly busy

  • recitals
  • adjudications
  • exams
  • 12 hour shifts
  • sick baby
  • 3 boxes of tissue
  • appointments
  • snow
  • sunshine
  • small group Bible study
  • choir
  • disappointments
  • good news
  • babysitting
  • funeral music
In short we are weary,

and so we chose to make it a family night... and let the young families know that we would renew our  invitation next week.  Instead we invited Grandma from Northern Alberta to our family worship via Skype phone.

It's amazing, you know, how someone who is old and forgets still remembers what is most important to her. For Grandma - read the Word of God, sing a song, invite her to lead in prayer and there isn't a thing she has lost. It doesn't really matter where in the Bible you begin reading, she knows it by heart and she recites whole chapters.  She sings all the verses of nearly any hymn, and her prayers are deep and sincere and beautiful.  A testimony of her lifelong unwavering faith. Steve thinks that beginning phone visits with scripture actually awakens her memory... conversation flows easier.

It kind of makes you think. What will I be like when I am old? What is so important to me now that I cannot forget even through the ravages of old age and dementia should time last?

We've been challenged to memorize the Book of Acts before GYC at the end of the year. The challenge begins Sunday. Three verses a day... We started tonight because we need the extra time (yikes). Apparently only the determined will actually make it to the end of the 300 days. Brianna says that's us. Problem is I am already half way to the ravages of dementia and old age, but maybe if we do it together and I endeavor to teach James**, I can make it??   **{ Because teaching James to memorize scripture is such concentrated hard work, I can't help but know it as well as he does by the time we're done.}

So here goes,  Acts 1: 1 "The former treatise have I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach... "


Sean Nebblett said...

Haha...Yay! :) Brianna's got the spirit! Love it. You guys are going to do great! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is quite a challenge. I feel like I'm with you on this downward slope. :) Your mother-in-law is an inspiration to me... I read the same thing about Ellen White that when she started talking about spiritual matter or quoting Scripture her mind would be clear. Jesus, God, is the Word that brought Life to us and so when we take that word and internalize it, it must do something for our minds. Okay... I need to start memorizing again. Thankful for Scripture songs! Antionette xx

Sophie said...

What a beautiful testimony and challenge to focus on Christ and make Him the most important thing in our lives. Thank you for sharing.