Saturday, March 17, 2012

Open Our Eyes to See...

This world is a sad place.

As a result of a series of miscommunications between the little buddy's two sets of grandparents we ended up with his siblings for a little while this evening. Oh!!! the evidence of the emotional trauma the family is suffering right now. It's not evident in a baby, but it's absolutely stark in an 8 year old. She was incredibly stressed and crying, but desperately embarrassed to be crying in front of us... She mostly wore her hat down over her eyes as her protection. The buddy's brother seemed kind of in a daze or a fog. Both were so very uncomfortable with the situation. Later I spoke on the phone with one of the grandmothers and she said she would like the kids to get to know us more so that when these unforeseeable situations happen, the children would have somewhere to go where they are comfortable. She was very concerned about the oldest child's stress level, or ability to handle stress in general.

We met the other grandparents when they came to pick up the children. Just your normal, every day couple still in shock over the whole family situation. As she said to me, "We never dreamed of anything like this happening to any of our children!!" Grandma is a teacher,  but I didn't catch what he does.

The little Buddy put on a real show for his grandparents. What a little ham!! He was definitely playing up to all the attention.

We've redoubled our prayers for the family this week. So much at stake in the decisions and steps being taken right now.

This foster care adventure is a real education for our family! To be face to face with such need and troubles in seemingly average and professed christian families.... wow! so eye opening. Wrings your heart out to see the pain in a little girl's eyes and makes you pray all the more that everything will pull together to put the security of their family back in place for those kids.

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