Friday, March 9, 2012

To Inspire the Apathetic

I thought we'd ignited the spark... But I'm staring at what I think are the ashes of yesterday's bright idea. And it cost me 8 dollars.

I search high and low for ideas to motivate, inspire and infuse this kid with a passion for life, for love and learning. The only passion we uncover is limited to a moment in time... or turns itself into an unhealthy hyper-focus that excludes all normal interaction and burns itself out in a few days.

Unless, of course, we are talking of the type of passion ignited by a short fuse. This we endure endlessly.

I worked hard with him yesterday... it included monetary incentives - charts, stickers, everything. He wants more Legos and I feel the entitlement attitude is so very dangerous. He would have to earn every precious penny towards any legos he might buy. I set up a challenge for him to work towards. He showed everybody who walked in the door and he seemed excited. He set to work...

but his very best enthusiasm is pathetic and languid at best.

He did all the easy stuff.

Different opportunities arose.
People offered to assist him.

All we got was a, "No, thanks. Maybe I'll do it later."

And my hopes are sinking.

HOW is a child devoid of zeal and zest inspired? How do you get past this lethargy?

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