Monday, April 30, 2012

One of the Downsides of Foster Care

Sending the confused little people off to their visits with drivers they don't know and feeling their anxiety at being "taken away".

The Buddy has three visits a week. Each time it's a different driver and then that can change from week to week. We've had about 6 or 7 drivers in the two months so far.

He didn't used to care. He liked everybody. In fact it worried me just a little that he would go to anyone without reservation. But that is changing. He doesn't want to be away from us. He just left screaming and fighting the car seat, the tears pouring out everywhere because he didn't want to go with that lady. He was reaching out for me and even his beloved bottle was no fix.

Such a little heartbreaker!


GB's Mom said...

Poor Baby!

Casey said...

Oh my goodness, I can totally relate! My little guy had to do the DHS visits once a week and every time a different driver. It was heart breaking. He really suffered and eventually, I was able to convince the agency that it was no longer in his best interest. However, his bio parents weren't showing up on time or at all. Anyway, I feel for you on this subject.

Sophie said...

Oh I hate reading this. Breaks my heart and it is just not fair. I can just picture that sweet baby crying for your safety.

I won't even get on my soapbox about this but I will just say I am totally against visits unless the family is working the plan and has earned visits...but no one cares what I think and the visitation rules will never change because they aren't and never were and never will be designed with the children in mind.

Elyssa said...

Awww... This would've had me crying just as hard... Poor baby!