Monday, April 2, 2012

Signed Him Up

Picked up a piece of junk mail off the floor and lo and behold it was a mailing from the museum with a program for kids all about trains tomorrow.

Three hours long.

They'll even ride the miniature railway, learn engine science, etc...

The Wednesday is all about the local Native tribe. Hunting native plants, making pemmican, etc..

The Thursday is all about airplane adventures. Build and test your own plane, airplane design, etc..

I signed him up.

This will keep him busy and he won't even be tempted to pinch his sister.

He actually had changed his attitude this afternoon and I was very grateful. Then when he learned that he was going to ride the train tomorrow - he had something to occupy his thoughts.

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Sophie said...

Sounds like fun! Yippee for him and you! :)