Friday, April 20, 2012

Drive It Until the Wheels Fall Off . . .

{then put them back on and drive it some more.}

I'm home.

And I've never been so glad to be home.

Steve has so precious little time off work that yesterday when he was done with his endoscopy case at 3 PM he decided to head over the mountains to check out a vehicle. It meant calling and arranging for them to stay overtime, but it all worked out.

Since we were having such an incredible RADical day 
with our wonderful RADishes 
and the buddy's visit was canceled, 
I thought what better way to get a change of air than to load up the little kids 
and go with him.

We liked the vehicle,

there was a problem with the headlights that 
the lot needed to take care of before they could sell it.

So, we couldn't trade in the old chariot and we headed home.

I was dozing on and off. 
The baby was sleeping. 
The twins wouldn't close their eyes if you paid them.

Suddenly we were careening down the freeway crazily...

 just after the first mountain pass,

going 60 mph.

Then the front left wheel popped off.

Did you know there are no brakes when the wheel is gone?

Angels guided the suburban to the side of the road - though it seemed to take forever.

The baby was screaming because his sleep was so rudely disturbed.
James was thrilled with the tow truck ride.
Missy was freaked out and jabbering.
Steve and I were just thankful.

We stayed at motel across from the auto shop.

Today the car was put back together.
and I drove home in it,
over the second mountain pass,
while Steve took the bus back to get the new vehicle.

So glad to be home.

The twins did great on the trip... but as soon as we arrived home
they turned back into RADishes.


I think I'll go to bed.

PS. Steve found the tire on the way back with our new vehicle.
IT was on the opposite side of the highway
and about 25 feet into the bushes.
I am so thankful it didn't hit an unsuspecting, oncoming car.


Kat said...

OH GIRL!!! So thankful you guys are ok!!! Praising God! Praying for your little RADishes....

momof4boys said...

you guys sure know how to have fun!

Mama D’s Dozen said...


So scary!

THANKFUL that you all are okay.

One of my sons had a tire fly off while driving this week, too. Looks like there are lots of angels working overtime this week. :)

Hope your weekend is BLESSED!

Sophie said...

Oh my goodness. I am so glad you are okay. That had to have been terrifying. Glad you got a new ride. Sounds like it was time. :)

Betsy said...

Wow, if that doesn't say' "It's time for a newer car", I don't know what does! Thankful that everybody is OK and home safe.