Friday, April 6, 2012

In Other News

So Missy's struggles don't actually consume our whole lives. Only this blog.

I was NOT happy when Google took over the photo editing program Picnik and then decided to shut it down in favor of their own. I LOVED Picnik. I am not so impressed with Google's photo editing program. It is clumsy at best.


The good news is

It's almost as good as Picnik. ;-)

James loved his classes at the museum. Well, I mean he loved the class on trains - riding the miniature railway was AWESOME! He couldn't say enough about it. The next day was on Native Americans, and particularly on the local tribe that the city was named for. Ummmm... let's just say James is not into Indian war dances. In fact, he gave me grief the next morning about going back, but it was on airplanes and I KNEW he would like it, so late or not he went. He arrived just in time to see the last rocket blast off into the air - and knowing his eye-sight and ability to take everything in, he probably missed that last rocket altogether. Oh, well. The rest of the program made up for it, though. HE WAS ecstatic when I picked him up. He came home with his own homemade "motor".

I've been transplanting seedlings every day. You can see the progress on my garden blog. My seed planting addiction is getting a little out of hand..... :-)

Little Buddy is having to learn some boundaries. He is fascinated with computers and cords. He insists on playing with them. I insist he doesn't and we had quite a little bitty tantrum over it last evening. Normal stuff. You expect this in a 14 month old. This morning he started all over again. I put the playpen within 6 feet of the computer and every time he went to touch the computer I said NO really firmly. If he looked at me, laughed and did it anyway he got put in the playpen where he screamed out his displeasure. No worries. He'll learn what No means and that I mean it.

I find myself being super extra intentional about attachment and relationship with this little Buddy.  Given his circumstances, his life could be a wild ride and I WILL DO MY PART to be sure he has strong attachment abilities. He is very personable. I think he is fine, but when he's fussing and trying to get his way he won't look me in the eye. I make sure we reconnect when he's done being fussy.

The girls have a little Bible Story Hour going for some community kids.

All of them really cute kids!!

They had the same 6 kids come the second week as the first week. 
With the twins we have 8. It's perfect.

PS. Missy is doing better today. Not willing to give me 100%.... she's negotiating. 
Maybe 80% is good? 

ALL OR NOTHING, kiddo. :-)

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child of The King said...

I like the little electric motor. My daughter and I tried to make one for her science project once and never did get it to work.