Friday, April 13, 2012

Calling All Foster or Adoptive Moms

who have taken care of babies affected by meth and heroin .... Would you be willing to talk to me about what taking care of that baby meant?? I have some questions.

Just to head off speculation, I'm not talking about the little Buddy. Regardless of his background,which I am not sharing here at this time, he's our little sunshine and has no troubles to worry about. :-)

safords at hotmail dot com


Erica Johnson said...

I just might be the one to answer your questions! I work with Substance Exposed Newborns, and have given birth to 2 babies on Methadone, which has similiar withdrawal symptoms as herion. It's part of my job to educate parents, medical providers, as well as clinical health providers on how to handle SEN's and how to appropriately treat their parents. Birth, or otherwise. Feel free to ask me anything, and don't be afraid to be real, with me, I know this is a touchy subject for some people. Hope I can help!

La Tea Dah said...

Angela, one of my dearest friends adopted a meth/heroin addicted baby (now 15 years old). I sent her your email address --- and hopefully she'll contact you soon.

Acceptance with Joy said...

Thank you for responding.

I will get back to you with my questions as soon as I can!!