Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All Boy

We have some serious "ALL BOY" cuteness going on around here.

The little buddy was wandering around feeling a little bored and screechy for a couple of days.... and I told myself, "He's on the verge of a new stage, just you watch!"

Sure enough.

He's diving into James' trains and cars and not just dumping them for the fun of dumping and scattering them like he was, but he is picking out little cars and trains and making little motor sounds as he pushes them along the tracks and roads. He's 14 months and he's got toy cars all figured out.  It's amazing how God wired all little boys. I've had a few girls babies in my life... not one of them did anything like that.

He's into wagons, and rocks and dirt. He even ate some dirt yesterday. I was concerned how it would go with him in the garden, but he just sat there and entertained himself forever in the dirt.

Man, have we got some cute pictures, but....too bad I can't show them.

Missy got a wonderful surprise package in the mail yesterday. There were 7 dresses and a skirt in the box. Most of the dresses were handmade ---- by me.  Dresses I made for the girls about 8 or 9 years ago. Brianna's first recital dress, the choir dresses, that favorite yellow dress ...  It was so exciting to pull them out of the box and remember. They ALL fit Missy perfectly.

I had given these dresses to a friend's little girl when my girls had outgrown them. When they were done with them they had packaged them up for an orphanage and somehow they never got there. They recently found the box at their church and decided Missy might like to have them. This morning she's wearing the recital dress to school and she didn't even have her usual fit before breakfast.

The timing was perfect. I was just thinking I would have to go shopping for some spring outfits... The Lord is good, and so are the friends whom He gives the ideas to.

James on our zip-line


Jen said...

I just found your blog while searching out foster care/adoption blogs. My husband and I are preparing to be foster parents. We had our first home visit today! We will start our classes in September...seems so far away. But I am currently a college student and want to finish that first. I look forward to reading more on your blog.

Jennifer P said...

Boys will be boys. Have the noises started yet? I am soooo jealous of the zip line.