Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why Do I Forget?

I write to help me remember....
but sometimes I still forget.

Our life gets busy and Brianna has been really busy with school. She's been missing having the daily violin lesson with Missy. It's been kind of hit and miss.

Yesterday, we got home and Missy was exhibiting some negative behaviors and I just wanted to close my eyes and pretend I didn't exist, but I had to get to work. So I went down to the greenhouse. It's my favorite place to go. Kind of a sanctuary...

And while I was busy watering and killing slugs, Bri gave Missy a violin lesson.

Do you know that turned her completely around?

She came down to the greenhouse and visited and helped me afterwards. She was peaceful and happy and friendly. We had a genuine good time together.

There's something about music.
There's something about making music.
Whatever it is, let's DO it EVERY DAY!!

Today we have a great big choir program at Abundant Life with my Children's Choir. I'm a bit scattered, but I think the kids are prepared. The theme is the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan.

Little Buddy slept about 13 or 14 hours straight last night. He's so chipper this morning!


Sophie said...

Yea for music and super yea for sleep!:)

Betsy said...

We have also found that music soothes the RADish beasts in our home. Animals, prayer, and Band-aids also play a big part in the healing process.