Friday, April 13, 2012


There's so much to tell I can't think of where to start.

We are Americans now.

We've been gone more than we've been home.

The apricots are in blossom.

The Buddy and Christina are sick.

Missy has done fairly well this week.

James spent his well earned money on some lego yesterday.

The Buddy got a few toy tractors and cars and he's happy as a lark with them. Vrrrroooom!

Vanessa doesn't have school today.

Brianna has found that she really has no nervous trouble with speaking up front.

I haven't had a chance to buy groceries this week and the cupboards show it.

Steve pruned the orchard, but he never has enough time off to do everything he needs to do around here.


That's it until I have time to sit.

OH, but one more thing. For those who know Isabelle, please pray for her. She has been unbelievably sick for more than three months. It's very serious. She has had one surgery, but unless my guess is off she's headed to Children's Hospital for another one??? Poor child is suffering awful!


GB's Mom said...

Glad Missy had a better week. Congratulations on your citizenship!

La Tea Dah said...

Busy, busy --- happy citizenship to you --- congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for Isabelle. We're looking forward to seeing everybody again! The last time we where there I was pregnant with Miss Shiloh and now she'll turn 4 while we're there! Just had a very blessed worship and fellowship to open the SAbbath. It is 9 pm now and time to head to bed. Have a wonderful blessed Sabbath - we hope Stinabee and the little one will be well soon, Love, Antionette & Family

Sophie said...


I sent you an email.