Sunday, April 8, 2012

Twice Around the Loop

The 11 mile loop, that is.

Yesterday we took the kids to the bike trail and we walked while they rode. They did so incredibly well, and it served to turn Missy around like nothing I've ever seen, so we did it again today and this time I rode as well. We shaved off quite a bit of time and managed to do the 11 miles in 1 hour and forty minutes with a few bathroom and water stops and even a few minutes on the playground.

I only freaked out once. Missy nearly took a speed biker out... it would have been a life and death situation for both of them. Thankfully she reacted to my scream and he swerved just enough. Then she purposely wiped her brother off the road because he was getting ahead of her . Not a major crises at their speed but after that she got the last place in the line.

She hasn't messed her pants today. We were at the point where she was wetting and messing every little while and I threw all her underwear away.... It is definitely part of her way to seek control.

It's Easter...

A lot of people are doing special things together and celebrating and the best we could do was ride our bikes. Missy saw a picture of really cute cupcakes and wanted me to make them. I just looked at her sadly and said, "You know, today is Easter. There are a lot of fun things we could have planned and done, but when you are mad it takes ALL my energy just to get through the day. I am sorry it's this way."

I had had a fleeting thought of taking time to use this weekend as a teaching time. We could have had a Passover Supper Friday night to bring out the Biblical history to understand more of the Sanctuary message and focused on Christ's sacrifice, etc... BUT instead I canceled our usual Friday night supper with guests because I was drained and losing patience. We were barely accomplishing the minimal. The shenanigans were at an all time high and I was discouraged.

We could do all that fun stuff any other time, of course...

The Buddy cut his finger. Nothing terrible, but Wow! This kid bleeds! I had 5 band-aides on his tiny finger trying to get it to stop and trying to keep him from pulling them off. I finally bound his whole hand with an ace bandage and he still managed to get through everything and pull the band-aides off . What mess. He has a slow clotting time if I don't miss my guess.


Kat said...

Your blog reminds me of the verse Romans 3:3-5. Your perserverance (even if it doesn't always feel like it to you) is inspirational to me (and I'm sure many others). Prayers and may you feel the joy of the celebration of today! Hugs!!!!

Sophie said...

Sad that the behaviors take so much time and energy that could be spent have a good time. Happens here all the time.

Nikki said...

Hope his finger is okay. Happy Easter!

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