Monday, April 2, 2012


We have two children very stuck in RAD behaviors this morning.
They are in their rooms until I can gather my wits and stop shaking.
They are super-duper resistant to everything
and we've been out of bed for half an hour.

It's gonna be a LONG spring break.

Today is first day of the last quarter of the college year.
The girls are still not settled on their classes,
but I guess by the end of the day
they will have it all figured out.

In a sense this is the home stretch of Vanessa's senior year of high school.
She said she was so glad to be past the pressure to attend academy.
The college experience has been her choice and she wouldn't go back and do it over any other way.
We are so thankful to have this Running Start program available. It's been a blessing.

Little guy's visit was cancelled on the weekend.
We'll see what happens today.
Poor little guy. He walks like a drunken sailor and is bumping his 
sensitive little head on everything.
He loves to be outside, but he puts everything in his mouth
and I mean {EVERYTHING}!
so we can't put him on the ground for more than a few seconds at a time.
If anybody has some tips on teaching him to not put rocks and dirt clods in his mouth
I'll be willing to try them!


Sophie said...

Is your little guy looking on the ground to see what he wants to put in his mouth next? LOL

Anonymous said...

I have a couple who wander like drunken sailors, flop on anyone available, throw their heads back, chuckle, laugh, cry, and then do it again. What is that?