Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Okay, Let that B-day be Officially Over

We know how to drag on a birthday. It was a long weekend so everything we did was in the name of the twins' birthday. We finished up with a swimming party at the Comfort Inn with some little friends.

The girls, particularly Christina, have been entertaining a lot of little children lately. Sometimes all day. After playing with all the little kids at the pool we rushed home to pick up Mikey for Christina to babysit. As soon as he went home the little Buddy arrived back from his visit and by the time he was fed and ready for bed it was time to go take care of the English Language School kids.

Vanessa had an interesting time with a little girl one third her age yesterday. The little thing has understandably been going through some struggles over her parent's divorce and the trials that go with that. Vanessa took her out on a date for some big girl talk. Missy had her nose out of joint over that. She was miffed that she wasn't invited, actually more like she fully intended to go, but when she was told no it was like her rights were violated! We reminded her that she has three big sisters who do stuff with her all the time and take time to bless her with special activities, but little friend doesn't have a big sister and she needs one right now, so she got over it. Vanessa took the other little Miss to Tourist Town and they visited the hat shop, and the toy shop, and the chocolate factory and got themselves a little mint and all the while they chatted like old friends. Little friend was able to open up a little and Vanessa was able to encourage her with a positive outlook. The little girl just needed someone she could look up to make her feel special. Vanessa even managed to direct their conversation  to include what it means to be a Christian girl and living for Jesus. I think it's the beginning of a special kind of friendship.

The little Buddy is turning into a screecher really fast! Happy screeching. Not so happy screeching. He's forming opinions of  his own and he's found his voice to proclaim it.  He certainly loved the pool yesterday.

I like long weekends because the big girls can be home. I don't like long weekends because the twins are home too much and start to get crabby. There's something about them needing to be distracted from the "me, me, me" thing. Also, when there's too much of a break from school getting back to having to think hard is like pulling teeth. Last night they were just plain tired from swimming and had to be in bed by seven.

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

I was glad when the big yellow bus pulled up for our Little Miss today. I think we'll do some FUN activities with the home schooled kids today.

Love "Tourist Town". One of our favorite places.

Hope your week is BLESSED!

Laurel :)