Thursday, February 16, 2012


This family is having serious computer issues. Nothing is working right. Nothing. I'm down to typing on this phone....

We are seeing something new and exciting in Missy. We think the Buddy is having a positive affect. She's not interested in being the baby anymore. She's trying to be a good, helpful and nurturing big sister. Even Steve said yesterday- she's growing up a bit.

Then today she wanted to read to me. She did better than ever. We proceeded to play phonics games and she had fun doing it. There was not one single unhappy moment - which is amazing! She is obviously growing comfortable doing school work and is not feeling the need to control everything in every session. I can't thank the school enough for making a breakthrough. I know without a shadow of a doubt that she would not be up to this point if I was still trying to homeschool her. She had it in her mind to fight it and I could not make it work. I asked Rhett how she is doing in the special reading class and he said she is learning. We can see that, too. She may take a long time but there isn't anything bad about that so long as she continues to make progress. Rhett said that she does try to skip steps and take shortcuts... Ha! Well, that is not new:-) he says that there is a lack of consistency as other teachers are always pulling her for speech and other services. Steve actually thinks that might be okay because she is easier when things are constantly changing, but I don't know . I kind of wish the reading session could be more of a priority to everyone.

Since she's been sick she's lost her clarity in speaking. I meant to take her to the doctor today but things unraveled and I couldn't make the appointment on time. Life is just a little nutty anyway.

Started a new reading program with James today. He likes it. He thinks we are just playing games, so he didn't fight me. It isn't challenging yet, either. I wish it would last long enough for us to make it to the next step.

He has taken people's questions about his broken glasses with maturity. He was upfront about the events leading up to the incident and took responsibility for his actions. Not many asked, except dad, the girls and his teacher...but then today three teachers that provide his services all asked within an hour and a half. He told them, but I could tell it was getting hard - he was starting to be embarrassed. I had to take the Buddy to the dentist so we made the extra trip further to get the glasses repaired. He marched in himself and asked for help to get his glasses fixed. I bought him a strap to keep them tight on his nose.

The twins each got a white board to use for our phonics games. The are pretty proud of them.

Everyone is completely charmed by the Buddy. :-)


Bethany said...

I have been noticing that overall your comments about Missy have been more positive lately. Hope she keep making steps in the right direction.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We, too, have found "real" school to be a wonderful thing for our Little Miss.

She has battled us through 4 years of homeschooling. Now, she goes to school and comes home with high grades on the math papers that she assured us she "didn't know how" to do. Ugh. So frustrating for us, but glad that she is responding well to her teachers.

We are all enjoying the almost 9 hour respite from her each day. Sad. But true.

Glad things are going well for you today (because we never know what tomorrow holds).

:) :) :)

Jennifer P said...

Bummer on the computer issues. Isn't it amazing how all the circumstances lead towards progress. The baby, school, her desire to change just a little. Two steps forward and one step back is better than nothing at all. Yeah, Missy!