Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wit's End

At a Cross Roads with James.

Hubby and I are having a meeting this afternoon. We have to come up with a plan. Obviously, nothing we are doing right now is working.

The laziness has grown beyond comprehension. It's become a "thing" to reckon with. Even to the point of refusing to play. The next door neighbor kids knocked yesterday and begged him to go out and ride bikes.

He looked at the sky... it was kind of spitting, but it was 55 degrees out, and he says to them,

"Nope. It's raining. Maybe when the shunshine comes out again."

He shut the door and laid on the carpet with a matchbox car.

I asked him to help Vanessa unload the dishwasher. He purposely did everything wrong all the while grumbling and complaining. It was more work for her than to do it herself. I could take no more. I sent him to bed. It was 5 PM.

I can't ask him to do anything without knowing I am the one that will have to fight it all the way. That includes play, work, homework or anything.

This morning he wouldn't even call me to let me know he was done a portion of his morning routine. He just sat there and cried and screamed.  I didn't let him up until he called me as he is expected, but I finally had to take him out for a run. I think we ran a mile and half with him crying and carrying on the whole way. Sometimes he screamed ugly things. He called me an idiot. A lady stopped her car to see if he needed a ride...

He is disrespecting me at every interaction by refusing to answer or look at me, or by mumbling so I can't hear, or he does it all wrong. I wish my husband was a farmer so that the kid could be outside working hard all day. Maybe we should move to Africa and he can carry bricks for Memere.

I honestly don't know what kind of plan to come up with. Everything sounds like a lot of work right now because everything is turned into a battle.


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Oh. My. So.Right.There.With.You.

I like the idea of taking him for a run ... but oh.don' the idea of a woman stopping to question me. Yikes!

I was just thinking last night (after sending Little Miss to bed early due to disrespect) ... "Everything is fine ... if no one speaks to her ... no one asks her any questions ... no one asks her to do anything ... no one expects anything of her." Some days I just want to let her wander the house silently, and tell everyone to not interact with her. But ... I know that will just cause her to pull further into her hard shell.

Hope your husband has some great ideas ... so that we can learn from him, as well.

Will be praying for you today.


Acceptance with Joy said...


oooh! I have said the same thing. If no one would interact with them life would be a piece of cake... sort of.

Thanks for the prayers.

Just picked him up for his teacher's house. Asked him to fill the potholes on the driveway with gravel.I am banking on the fact that he'll want to come in and eat soon...

schnitzelbank said...

Do you think he might be depressed? Refusing to play and being super ornery seems like a warning flag of depression, to me.

Mama in Uganda said...

It more than likely will be a real battle, between good and evil.

It is always best to look at our children's struggles/rebelliousness through the eyes of scriptural truth. The world has a lot of excuses for sin....let it not be so for James!

Blessings and wisdom,