Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cute As A Button and Birding

The Little Buddy is so, so funny!!

He's a ray of sunshine all day long. Such a happy kid!

He has learned that day is for play and night is for sleep. He is now sleeping through the night without screaming for a bottle.

He is eating three solid meals and taking fewer bottles.

He has learned to clap his hands today and boy does he know how to garner the attention with that!!

He's is figuring out how to wave. It's a tad backwards... like he's waving to himself. Very cute.

He thinks I'm a trampoline. He is jumping up and down and using his legs a lot.

He stands up without holding on now, but when he gets excited and starts to clap he loses his balance.

He thinks Christina playing the piano is hilarious! Such giggles!

Tomorrow he has another visit with family.


Yesterday we ran into friends at the park going for a walk.... they were more prepared than we were and they each had a pair of binoculars and a camera hanging from their necks. James and Missy were quite impressed with Jared and Joyanna's hobby. So today Vanessa took them out "birdwatching" with the bird book and binoculars.

Missy came home and showed me several different birds in the book that they had seen. My turn to be impressed. She remembered with birds she saw and could identify them in the pictures. I think that's pretty good! The male robins are back.  The redwinged black birds are back. There are a lot of waterfowl in large groups at certain protected places  and bald eagles hanging out in the trees by the river.

I am capitalizing on the interest... we read bird and birding books tonight before bed and I promised them they could watch Winged Migration tomorrow. Getting to watch anything on the computer is a real treat.

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Sean Nebblett said...

Too cute! :) what a gift.