Saturday, February 11, 2012

Break Through

Finally got through to James. He balked me once too many times and I took him to task...  I worked long and hard, hard, hard... No matter that we were trying to prepare for company for supper.... I refused to give up the battle. He was refusing to say a certain word and that seems like no biggie, except that it was his stronghold against me in disrespect and I couldn't allow it. This kind of thing is born of his dishonesty and his refusal to acknowledge his wrong.... I would not let it go and we were in confrontation, which normally is not helpful (to say the least - he usually digs in deeper, which he did, but I hung in there). Finally he was to the point where I could pray with him. I had him repeat after me and we begged the Lord to honor His promise that He would hear and deliver the cry of a poor boy in deep trouble.  (Ps 34: 4, 6) By the time we were done praying he was sobbing in repentance. Each time I have asked him to do anything or communicated with him since I first bring him back to prayer and his commitment to be a Daniel or a Joseph. He was actually quite pleasant to be with and is allowing me to hug him, again.

Missy just decided to be happy without a battle. An answered prayer, no doubt about it. She and I stayed home from church again, much to her great sorrow... but she's still a snotty mess and I dealing with it myself. I had her help me dress the Buddy and play with him, etc.. Next she put her doll in the high chair and cut out pictures of food and filled paper bowls with all sorts of things she cut out for her doll to eat. You may not realize how significant that is. She found something to do on her own, she was super creative about it and she stuck with it for almost an hour. That is nothing short of amazing.

It's such a gorgeous day, that I wish the rest of the family would come home and go for a walk with us, but no one will answer their phones and they took both cars. We're stuck here.


Okay, so, the Buddy was on his visit with his mommy and daddy and I just got a call that the driver is bringing him home. The mom and dad were a no show. I could cry for those poor kids! The buddy won't really process it, but the siblings ??!!  Ack! They are 8 and 6 years old.  Sweet kids.


Shonni said...

How sad for Buddy! And for your other ones...Praying for their healing.

Sophie said...

Yeah for you and the kids but especially you, for the little break.

So sad for the kids, didn't realize there were siblings. Do they plan to put all three together in one home?

Mission Pilot said...

So glad! I praise the Lord for titles like these! xx A.

Acceptance with Joy said...

The two older children are in a relative placement, but they are not able to care for the Buddy. He's way to heavy - is a baby needing constant supervision - and a few other things that all add up to being too much to handle with full time jobs and injuries, etc..

Yes! Very glad to have a breakthrough with James. He's been pleasant for 24 hours now!! Missy, too.

Sean Nebblett said...

I believe in miracles. :)

Acceptance with Joy said...

Thanks Sean... You just never know when your music will be used by the Hand of God - do you?