Thursday, February 2, 2012


This sickness is miserable.

Vanessa's on the couch this morning.

James managed to eat breakfast and not lose it... so far.

Missy slept till 8 and is eating. I think she's fever free but certainly NOT snot free.

Christina blacked out in the shower... (yup. with the door locked and the fall was enough that I heard it upstairs in the kitchen) but she doesn't have a fever.??

Brianna, the strong, is living up to her name and nothing is slowing her down. She's been eating whole garlic cloves... strong in more than one way.

It took Steve the entire day to do the taxes. What job! But we'll really like the return. An answer to prayer, actually.

I've been blending green drinks. Steve has been dispensing herb tea.

The sun is shining. Maybe it will kill all the germs.


Anonymous said...

So sorry you're having such a rough week. Praying you're all better soon!

Anonymous said...

...melinda :)

Sean Nebblett said...

Oh dear!! No fun. Sounds like a bug we all got two years ago. (We'll never forget it!) Seriously praying for you guys!