Sunday, February 12, 2012

Once Again

I got another comment that says that Missy has the classical features of FAS.

Of course, we can't know for sure 100%.

However, I have talked to doctors about these comments and they shake their heads...

SHE does have cranial facial anomalies. THIS is true. She has cleft palate and cleft lip and a host of other differences due to her growing and parts of bone structure not growing to keep up. She has a lot more surgery in her future.

Unless a person completely understands these anomalies and the whys and wherefores like the surgeon does they shouldn't assume it's FAS.

I have taken a course in FAS. It was very interesting. They were extremely strong on the point that you cannot, cannot, cannot diagnose FAS on looks alone.

PS. Whether or not I can trust her word, I can't say, but I asked bio mom point blank if she had smoked, drank or done drugs during her pregnancy with these kids and she denied using drugs and alcohol before and during her pregnancy. I have also asked her sister if she thought there was a chance that bio mom had even just once drank during the pregnancy and she, even though the sisters don't get along at all, denied that her sister did so. She was willing to dish out other info on her, but this seems to be the unanimous answer from everyone I question.


Mama in Uganda said...

Stand your ground, Mama!!!

Excuses, explanations, unaccountability.

A family member came to visit us and nearly left feeling sorry for one of our toughies (blaming me for ruining this childs chance for a healthy future)--until I laid it all out there. And then it was realized what we are trying to do is give this child a chance for the future!

C Dawn's bucket said...

Okay I know that this is unsolicited but Missy is beautiful! Truly a precious little girl and I think you are doing remarkable things with both her and James. Please don't let anonymous get you down. Anonymous doesn't have enough gumption to tie an identity to their comments so truly don't deserve any thought whatsoever from you or anyone.

Also, wanted to let you know that my life has been crazy my 4 yo broke his radius and ulna in his left arm and then turned around a few days later and dislocated his knee cap in his right leg. So I haven't made it to the Post Office but will.

Hang in there and thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us. You are a blessing and inspiration in my life.


~Melissa said...

I'm catching up... :) I had heard recently that FAS can be caused by the father's drinking as well. I have a niece with FAS... she doesn't really have facial anomalies. Both my brother and his xwife drank at the time. She is super loving, but definately affected by FAS. Hers wasn't diagnosed until she was in school a year or two, I think. Isn't my family history interesting? We have one of everything!!! ;p