Sunday, February 5, 2012

A New Normal (that's not really very normal)

We are adjusting

~ as fast as a mommy who is not conditioned to carrying 25 lbs of wiggle worm can adjust.

truth is, my arms are aching,

and my back.

It's a good thing I have strong teenagers, 'cause I've already garnered plenty of comments regarding my posture while trying to support his weight.

Say, how did I do it when I had three babies and no teenages way back when???

Honest. I can't remember at all. I had to run into Target to get the buddy some clothes and I needed to use the restroom, but I didn't know how I could manage so I didn't ... Missy was all the help I had and I wasn't ready to trust that kind of help.

Speaking of Missy and her twin... I have had a lot of people ask me how they are accepting the newcomer. It's all very new, of course, so it's really exciting. He has fun baby toys (more toys than clothes) and he's cute and funny and interesting, so they are liking it so far. I think this is just what they needed. The focus needed a new shift.... they are far too good at garnering attention for themselves. Having a new baby of the family is quite possibly the ticket to helping them grow up a little. It's also good for them to see the nurturing steps they more than likely missed. They will learn a lot, I think. When we put his socks on, Missy puts on one and I put on the other. She would like to help and has been learning what kind of help is good help.

The lack of clothes has been challenging. Picked out a few more outfits, onesies, shoes, jacket, pants and bibs. There was one pair of shoes in all that whole store that I could get his big square feet in.

This morning was a little tough. Vanessa is gone to take care of an older couple... which left piano playing for the Sunday church to Brianna. When you have such a capable big sister opportunities to play for church and such don't come too often. She was a wreck just thinking about it, so I had to go with her and Christina  - which meant the twins and the baby had to go, too. In the end I was playing the piano and she was babysitting - how does that happen?? She managed to play the first few, but then struggled with one or two and became too distraught to think clearly and I had to finish up the service. She'll get there, but we are going to have MAKE opportunities for her every week at our church and this church until she gets comfortable. It's so much easier for those who are used to it to just take over.

Christina is at Julia's birthday sledding party up in the mountains. For all that that kiddo does for me, I'm glad she didn't miss out on the fun today.

The sickness is slowly improving. Brianna did chest hydrotherapy foamentations on the twins for something like two hours while I was at the baptism last night and they both actually slept all night and didn't cough nearly so much. I hope I can send them to school tomorrow.

The buddy is doing fine. I think he's teething. Lost of slobber and some misery this morning. He was good after he got out for a walk in the stroller.

My arms hurt so bad I can't type another word. :-)


Kelly said...

Such fun!!!!

I wonder often how I did it with my first four babies. I had them in five years and they were so little all at once. I went and did everything and never thought anything of it. My house stayed clean with little effort. I have decided that perhaps I am too old. :) haha

~Melissa said...

My older girls often tell me that I can hold my own baby, after all I raised all three of them and had no problems... why should I fuss about shopping with a baby, now? I said... I wasn't OLD then! Why is it I'm not afraid to say I'm old now? Hmmmm.... I'm not that old and I really don't like it when someone tries to tell me I'm old... but when it fits... I'm beginning to use it. I think I had better bladder control back then, too... so I really didn't make bathroom stops except to change a diaper. ;p But I am doing the shopping with the two little ones often alone for some reason... the big girls are finding so many things to do... so I am learning to cope and the little ones are learning to sit better and follow better. It's not so bad after a while... God is good! I am jealous, though... just thought you should know! :P Enjoy the munchkin!