Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blue Valentine

My valentine mood regarding one boy in this house is a little blue.

This great big boy who is going to turn 8 on Sunday can go a week or even two weeks without peeing his pants and then he decides that using the toilet is too much of a bother. Yesterday when I sent him outside to play I told him to go to the bathroom before going outside - which he did not do. Then when I called him in an hour later to use the toilet he was like, "Well, it's too late, mom." As if "It's your fault you didn't remind me early enough."

So what did he do when I sent him for a shower to clean up? He deliberately broke his glasses because his friends were riding bikes outside and he was mad that he had to clean up. I didn't find out till this morning. He wasn't going to wear them, but I figure seeing out one eye is better than being completely blind. I could get them fixed today, but for some reason I feel like letting him ride this one for awhile so he can think about the consequences of his actions. If I have them fixed too soon then no big deal.... right?

Missy, the other hand, is excited for any reason to celebrate. She doesn't know what Valentines is, but no matter. It's exciting, right? Especially since Daddy gave her a little red heart box with treats inside. Last evening I taught Missy to make cards with rubber stamps. I think she turned out 15 or so cards for her classmates. She had to learn to be steady and stamp once... She's very excited to share them this morning. She watched half of Winged Migration with Brianna last night. She has a new interest in geese and ducks. She's looking forward to seeing the rest today.

Little Buddy went on his visit and saw his mommy and daddy and siblings. This was a good visit. He brought home sweet gifts from them. We are already missing him when he's gone for visits. His Casa just canceled so we now have a clear schedule until Sat. Isn't that nice!!!

I have to say that I am not happy with the transport worker smoking around him. I think that's disgusting and rude and probably against the rules. . .


Mission Pilot said...

Happy Valentine's Day y'all! Not much celebrating here but we are very thankful that Jase is home safely and that his stomach is doing well. We're all heading to bed now - enjoy your day! A.

Jennifer P said...

Probably against the rules? I'd say so. If I had a dime for every car seat I re-buckled in or refused to use, I'd be rich. It is a hard reality, the part of the job where we hand our charges over to strangers to transport. It's downright stinky.