Saturday, February 4, 2012

Surprise!! It's a boy.

This totally floored me.

I was not in the least expecting it.

We weren't even a little prepared.

Amazing how one little phone call can change your world.

We have a baby in the house.

He's a one year old cutie with the sweetest disposition. You never saw an easier baby.  His grandma carried him in sleeping and when he woke up a half hour later he was smiling. He played on my lap until bedtime. When I put him in bed he talked to himself until he went to sleep. He woke up at 8 this morning - smiling. He seemed tired around 10 and I put him in bed and he's asleep without a protest. He eats very well and drinks water like it's going out of style. He is sick with a cold and has been for the last two months.

As you know we were working on moving our license from the private agency to the local DSHS. It was that or lose the license. I felt compelled to work on it. The gal we have bee working with is super efficient and fast. I'd hand the papers in one day and the next day she was ready for the next step. I handed the papers in Friday. Monday she came out for a visit. Friday we got "the call".  I still have a few papers to finish up with. Nothing major, just little stuff. I didn't think we were in a hurry. In fact, I kept thinking, "why is this going so fast?" I mean, it took us nearly 4 months to get licensed in the first place...

When we first talked about moving the license I called up the licensor for our area and asked if there was need for short term foster parents... she laughed at me, then convinced me that there was ALWAYS a need. So then when she visited on Monday I asked her how urgent the need was. She said, that this area is actually rather slow but that they have opened up their office to other cities and towns that are overwhelmed with need, so you know, anything could happen. I thought, okay. This is not urgent... so why are we hurrying, again???
As a side note, the licensor is SDA like us... working with her was like working with someone you've known all your life.

I can only believe that God had a hand in having us move the license when we did. There is a reason He moved it all so quickly. There's a reason He orchestrated this little guy's stay with us.

I received the call at about 3 or 3 thirty yesterday. I hardly knew what to say, except yes. For a fleeting second I thought I should call Steve, but knowing how hard it is to make contact with him at work and knowing he wouldn't hesitate, I said,  "okay - but just know that my twins are sick with the flue. I hope they are on the mend, but I don't know that yet." I thought, you know, there is a bunch of questions I'm suppose to ask ... oh, well never mind. All I knew was it was a 1 yr old baby boy. Maybe he would be here over night, maybe he would be here a month?? Now that I know a bit more, I know he's here for awhile. The family is in our prayers as they work to put their lives back together.

I drove off to Target as fast as my chariot and Friday traffic would allow and wondered what I would need. I even messaged my sister with a "HELP" what do I need?" I purchased a few necessary items and headed home to meet the baby. I don't know why but I had the stereotypical grandparents in mind. You know, short gray hair and all the rest of it. Um, no. not THAT old. Grief stricken and grateful, she thanked us for allowing her to see our home to know that it is a good place and that he will be safe while she goes off to care for the rest of the family.  They are in our "neighborhood". I can walk to their place.

The social worker happens to be a friend of ours. Her daughter has been in our choir, and they are SDA, too. Oh, and yes, she has been known to read my blog ;-) So I must mind my p's and q's .... Don't ask me anything about the little boy that I can't legally answer. *smile*

I'm at home with all three sick kids... Poor Missy is not recovering very quick. James has a hacking cough. Hoping I make it to the baptism later.

The Lord is good. His biddings are enablings....


Shonni said...

How fun!!!! Congratulations.

Jen said...

How exciting. I can remember my first placement (6 yrs ago) like it was yesterday. I'm glad to hear that you guys opened your home to other kiddos. Sorry to hear about the fu hitting your family. You guys will be in my prayers. How are the twins handling the change?

Jennifer P said...

Getting a baby, someone else to focus on, changed the tide in our home. Maybe the twins will enjoy something new? Glad he is doing well so far. It is amazing how life changes in an instant isn't it?

Kelly said...

How very exciting!! Hope everyone is well soon.

Sean and Lisa said...

LOL! Aren't God's surprises just the best?! Enjoy!!!

Bethany said...

Wow!! It is always amazing the way God works. Enjoy having a baby in the house.