Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Revisiting: Biology of a Behavior {for Rachel}

Rachel asked for the regimen we used this spring. I will recommend a CD called a Biology of a Behavior found at this link: Biology of a Behavior

I am pleased to tell you that some of the physical symptoms that Missy experienced before we did this regimen have not returned. Her over-all health definitely improved.  The twins still take a combination of vitamins and herbs, but not exact as the regimen. It kind of gets expensive, but I do replace the bottles as they run out. The most powerful of the regimen for her was the acidophiles and the GSE with Olive Leaf extract. Dragon breath, gassy, bloatedness disappeared and bowel health has greatly improved.

Her behavior has improved, but I can't say the regimen is what did it necessarily. It may be one more key to helping her feel better, to helping her behave better. I can't say for sure. She has days where she regresses and explodes and  is resistant to anyone asking her to do anything. She still operates on a three year old level. James is more even keel. He is pretty well behaved as a general rule... the thing that makes him angry is being asked to work, or someone (his twin or the Buddy) touching his stuff.

I talk about the regimen here: Biology of a Behavior 

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rachel said...

Thank you very much! Will be researching this. Some of my children def do have digestive issues. Thanks for taking the time to post this.