Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Season is Upon Us

I could hardly get my 12 passenger van up the driveway this evening because there's a half an inch of snow out there!! What does that tell you?

I worked with the choir without my regular pianist (Vanessa) but those kids are stepping up to the plate very well and we have some real up and coming pianists among them!

The big girls were at home practicing with Natalie and Ellie and Dakota for: two concerts, a wedding, and 4 nights of Journey  to Bethlehem (all for this weekend) plus they are practicing a song for GYC.

Brianna bought a NEW lens for her camera with aperture capabilities down to F1.4. Her new flash should arrive any moment. Fancy pants! She is so excited. She is the photographer for the mentioned wedding. Her first. She has friends backing her up to keep the stress levels down.

Vanessa left her lights on and drained her battery. I drove into town with the jumper cables and waited around for Steve to get a break from his work at the hospital for a couple hours to help me.... and when we finally got to the Honda is started just fine without a boost.

I was really proud of my purchase of a really nice dog blanket at Goodwill. I was NOT so very proud of the fact that walking to the car I dropped my G3 iPhone and shattered the glass. I took it into Verizon to see what they could do about it and they took a piece of packing tape and covered the glass and said, "There! Come back when you are eligible for an upgrade on Dec. 5th." Ha. I could have done a better job with the tape than they did. :-)

James missed the bus this morning because he was not in any hurry to listen to anyone, but when the bus left without him he hit the ceiling and apparently, it was all OUR fault. Well, he then had time to clean the chicken barn and he did get a ride from Buddy's mom because I had the babies for a couple hours and I couldn't walk him. He's lucky.

Missy made the bus by the skin of her teeth. However, she managed to lose her temper good before supper and is already sleeping before 6:30. She looked whipped anyhow. Not sure how the twins are going to manage with us in Journey to Bethlehem and the long nights.

I need to make 5 dozen cookies before tomorrow night for J2B.

After Sunday night my husband will look 15 years younger. Absolutely guaranteed.  As will most of the rest of the men in our church.

Since I bragged about the chicken's laying habits they cut their production by three quarters. We have customers in line waiting....

That's all for now.

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Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about 12 passenger vans and snow! Rhett just bought "go claws" for ours. Easier than chains...have Steve talk to him about it.
By the way....I am done wit my classes!!! (for now anyway!!)