Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day Ahead ! ! !

 Today's photos have nothing to do with the post. You just have no idea how many thousands of pictures are taken within a quarter mile radius of the house
that don't go with anything.

Little Miss Muffet woke up on the wrong side of the bed.


She turned it around and was EARLY for the bus.

With a smile, even.


Today the little Buddies are spending the day with me
even though I need to run Christina to town for algebra tutoring,
and have like a 3 hour assessment meeting with the DDD.

Scheduled Missy's IEP review...
had a good chat with the special ed gal.
Not wanting to change directions in her education necessarily,
but talked about
adding LIFE SKILLS to the mix.

Told her I was meeting with the DDD today
(department of developmental delays)
And she wanted to know how they could better serve the kiddo in conjunction
with what the DDD will be offering.

TRUTH is I don't know what they will offer.
I get the feeling they only give what you ask for 
and won't tell you what else they could do.
So, I'm trying to educate myself and find out....
I know I want respite, but looking at perhaps some behavioral management stuff would be helpful?

James is being assessed as well.
Not really concerned or feeling any needs in regards to him at this time,
but I am not shutting the door on anything yet.



Seven From Heaven said...

Good-luck with the DDD. I hope they can give you more help than ours could.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

LOVE all of the pictures.

Hope you get the help that you need for the kids.

Laurel :)