Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Said No Again

Two children ages 3 & 4....

It isn't even possible to take the children right now.... but it sure is hard to say no and NOT know where they'll go. 

My friend, the social worker, called. She knew I would likely say no as J2B starts tonight and I'm so busy, but she had to call so she could say she tried everyone! I guess there are never enough foster parents.

I wonder if Manda said yes again. I'll have to call her tomorrow.

Hurry Trina, and get that license.!!!!!!
Apparently we are needed.

* Since I smashed my phone it does weird things. I just accidentally posted an entire choir program script on the Heritage of the Seventh Day Adventist church to this blog... Might have made some interesting reading, but not nearly as interesting without my 35 singers and all their talent. You'll just have to wait for the concert.

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Jen said...

It is really hard to say no. I am or have been the "go to" foster parent in our little town (only 3 in the whole town). I got a call yesterday for a 2 yr old and I had to say no and I have said no to the last several calls. I am just in a place where I can't except a new placement. And like you I wonder where they were are and who they are with.