Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's on Your Table?

I think a glimpse of the table in a person's home can tell a lot about a family.

Food doesn't seem to be what's on ours.

Perhaps my table would tell you that nobody puts their things away before bed.

Perhaps our table would inform you of how busy and creative my children are. 

Perhaps you would notice our table is the center of our home. . .

. . . that everybody likes to be together even if they are doing their own thing.

Or maybe you would just think we're a messy bunch.


I snapped these pictures at 6:30 AM 'cause I wanted to remember someday when they start finding their own way and making their own families what our table looked like when our kids were home.

Signs of a busy evening.

a messiness to be grateful for

calculus homework, a couple of computers, calculator, charts

homeschool chemistry, watercolor paint supplies & kid paintings, a Christmas flower to pot, modeling clay

2nd grade homework, rush hour game piece, a little girl's violin with tapes & flags, rubber band & foam rest

craft projects, the recent Frontiers mission magazine - the children's edition, candles 

a Bible, notebook and pencil

a stack of potential music for the upcoming wedding, a flute

What's on YOUR table?
I dare you to share.


Mandy said...

I'm doing counter and table because life happens more at the island than the table.

Coke Zero - Cause I love it.

A package of wet wipes - always handy

A plug in air freshener - that some little person keeps unplugging.

Pharmacy bag with refill of estrogen- hysterectomy and hot flashes 'nuff said.

Bananas and grapes, sugar, brown sugar, and flour. - because I tend to put away my groceries in stages

Some dirty dishes and a toy gun

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Love it!

Table and Kitchen Counter here, too . . . because that is where Life Happens. :)

Birthday Cake fresh out of the oven . . . baked by 10 year old little brother. So sweet!

Flowers in Vase . . . found growing behind the house in a wheelbarrow, lovingly brought to Mama by 12 year old son.

Bath Towels . . . folded last night but not yet found their way to the bathroom.

Computer . . . Mama's laptop is always in the midst of Living Life.

Camera . . . Mama took pictures of Little Brother baking the birthday cake for 14 year old sister.

Math & Grammar Text Books . . . 10 year old was absolutely worn out by school work today, and has't yet found the energy to return them to the school room.

Mama's Magazines

Mama's Bible

Mama's Calendar

Mama's Phone

Mama's piles of never-ending Mail

yes. the dining table is Mama's Work Desk. :)

Science Video watched by 12 and 14 year olds today.

fun question! hope your day is BLESSED!

Laurel :)

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Seven From Heaven said...

Groceries that won't get put away tonight.

Oldqueen44 said...

Posted my pictures.
Craft mess on one table and a rocking chair on the other that needs to be repaired.

I can't blame the mess on anyone except myself.

La Tea Dah said...

Great post.

My table looks kind of boring after yours! Mine has a brown tablecloth, a crystal bowl filled with mini pumpkins, two crystal candleholders with peach colored candles, and two berry candle rings.

Maybe you should ask me about my island counter. Grin.

angela ford said...