Friday, November 9, 2012

Don't Feel Bad Saying No.... { It could very well be a God thing! }

Today I was greatly relieved that I had said no to the little emergency respite fellow. I ended up having the babies most of the day.... and then there was the question over whether the parents were suppose to have their babies all weekend or not.  Mom thought she was approved for one night. I thought she was approved for three. In reality it was probably only two, but since we were not sure and we had to go through the on-call social worker. She ended up being allowed all three. BUT what if ??? Then I would have had more kids than beds for at least one night. Not a big deal except it is when you are dealing with foster care.

BUT here's the neat thing.

The little emergency respite fellow visited our house this evening anyway!!!

Our friends were next on the call list and they said YES! They said it was a God thing. They had just barely finished fixing up their guest room when the phone rang and they just knew they were suppose to take him. He's a great little match for their little boy and the children are having a blast playing together.

Several days ago we had invited them for supper for this evening and I was never so surprised to find they had this little boy that I had said no to. It was like, "You don't have to feel bad saying no when you have asked for direction from the Lord and you feel strongly that your answer ought to be no." God had another plan all along. And His plan is perfect.

As it was, we had the babies nearly all day and still got the brush pile burned, the grass mowed, the leaves all raked and moved, the potatoes dug, the house cleaned for company and food prepared for the Sabbath.

James did an amazing job with the rake today!!


Shonni said...

I’m so glad that you were able to see that you were hearing the LORD in this.

Jennifer P said...

A beautiful story of learning to "trust and obey". Glad that you were able to see fruit in these circumstances.