Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Never Give Up

It was way too exciting!!

We invited a few neighbor children, and Buddy's sister to join us for Christina's concert with the symphony. Few of the kids we brought with us had been to a concert like this before.

This was a BIG deal!

Caroline and Tori were also playing this concert. Two of the little friends pictured are Christina's flute students. She invited them to be inspired to keep practicing.

Besides being very interested in Christina's enjoyment of the whole evening, and the success of the young people I know involved, I was really, really touched by something.

A few years ago a teen just graduating from high school, the son of a doctor in the hospital where Steve works, was in a horrible, devastating  car crash. His head injuries were severe. The young man everyone had known was no longer the same. He was flat and expressionless. It shook up the community. Everyone grieved for his losses.

His mother is amazing, though. She has been his greatest support, his strongest advocate, his untiring ally. She has never given up. She has been at his side constantly. I used to take Missy to the hospital for speech. Often the young man would come in for his therapy during our time there. He would walk in  with an aid of some sort - walker, cane, or something. His affect flat. He struggled to communicate. But his mother would be at his side.... ever reading to him, ever teaching him, always pushing him forward towards progress.

We were gratefully surprised to find this young man on stage playing music.... His mother was by his side, keeping his place in the music with her finger, but he was handling the bass well, all by himself. He kept up with the orchestra just fine.

And we were blessed. VERY. VERY. blessed by such strong determination and dedication.


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