Monday, October 29, 2012

Update on the Day

We never did make it to school. We worked their (and MY) tails off..

The carpets are vacuumed, floors washed, dishes done, clothes folded, tomato patch pulled up.... Only we saved a section for tomorrow, just in case someone decides they don't care to catch the bus and go to school where they can sit around all day :-)

I hadn't intended for the day to go this way. I wanted them to help me get the floors done and dishes since they would be taking up my time to walk to school, however attitudes dictated otherwise.

A pic from my phone.
I'm to tired! ha!

And so are they. They had to work hard to keep up with me.


GB's Mom said...

Beautiful pictures! Tomorrow is another day.

Sophie said...

It least you got some things done. :) I admire you for your consistency with them and sticking to your guns.

I have grown tired of the games and honestly there is NOTHING my two could do for me to keep them home from school, aside from near death illness.

I need a break from their crazy and school is the only time I get that break. I am always willing to deal with whatever I have to in order to get them out the door and off to school each day.

This sounds ugly and it sounds like I don't like being with my children but just being honest. I enjoy being with them but limited time is better for our relationship.

Hope today has started out better.