Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I forgot the camera, again. What did we do without cellphones with cameras back in the "old" days?

This was good. James played very well. He had 5 little songs. I don't think he messed up once.

Missy amazed us all. She can't play without messing up.... except last night she was total concentration. She played for Mr. Morgan. He's her reading teacher... he and his family are church friends and they have great kids who also played in the recital. It was so funny to see that it mattered that she played well for him. She never even looked at her fingers.

My other children played fabulously, of course, except the one who had a panic attack and melted down. I expected that from the twins, not the 15 year old. This girl plays flute in symphony, and for church functions. She sings and preaches and speaks up front all the time (like multiple times a week lately) and never has a flicker of nervousness. BUT she can't seem to get over the piano. SHE has made enormous progress on the piano, but couldn't show it to anybody. She doesn't believe she can do it. So, that will be our little project, because I KNOW she can. :-)

I learned from Mr. Morgan last night, that Missy had a one-on-one reading class until this week. That teacher begged Mr. Morgan, whose class is maxed out to "Please, please, please take her 'cause the one-on-one was not working". IT does not surprise me.

She needs to see that other kids work hard. She needs the peer pressure. I know how frustrating it is to try and work with her when she is resistant. There's no point.

So, she is in the 1st grade special reading class with Mr. Morgan. He made special exception for her. James is in his 2nd grade special reading class.