Friday, October 19, 2012

Ten Gallons of Pimientos [ Belligerence is Back]

That's my Brianna Grace . . .  And I am proud to say I took this photo. Only, she had to set it up for me. All I had to do was push the button :-)

{We've had hard mornings all week. Yesterday I walked with Missy to school.

This is discouraging stuff. Today after a hard morning of trying to get her ready for school, as she was going out the door,  I told her I was done with the nonsense. She either had to stop being mean and nasty to everybody or she would be going to bed right away at the first sign of belligerence.  Even if it meant she was going to bed right after she woke up. We can't have this horrid attitude permeating everyone's day. Yesterday she had a huge tantrum and threatened to slap me across the face, but caught herself in time. We just waited for her to come around.

Two different people are offering her a kitty. I would love to get her one, but not right now. Not during this nastiness.

She has a cold like all the other little kids... }

The baby is having a hard time breathing at night.

The Buddy is a snotty mess.

The girls made supper and had friends over last night to work on their music for the upcoming evangelistic series. They had a very nice time. Supper was really good. It's fun to listen in on the college girl's chatter...

The meetings start tonight at Valley View. Vanessa is in charge of children's meetings as well as doing a lot of music.

I delivered 7 dozen eggs yesterday for James. I think I'm going to start charging for having to wash them :-) He's not able to do that job without breaking them and I would worry that they are not actually clean.  He's getting about 16 eggs a day. He paid for his own chicken feed for the first time this past week and he's proud of that.

The babies have spent a lot of time with their mom this week. Their father got a job out of town and he will travel back and forth every 10 days until the roads are bad. Not ideal but he has to provide for his family.

We're building a friendship with the family. It's good.

Steve got a little more painting done on the house. I will try to finish the trim for him on the front today while he's at work.

I took care of ten gallons of pimientos from the greenhouse yesterday. That's not ten gallons of finished product, but still it represents a LOT of cashew cheese :-) There's a bunch of green peppers still in the greenhouse. Don't know if I'll do anything with them. My freezer is full.

When she has a spare minute, Bri has been practicing being a photographer :-). I help when I can... thus the blur.

 Check out this fancy lady's shoes.
Our Vanessa Joy.... singing in the rain.
Christina Faith.... whose goldie-locks have been cut off for LOCKS OF LOVE. 
Twelve inches of hair to help a child who has none.
Good job with sticking it out on this project!


Mama D’s Dozen said...

Love all of the pics of the Big Girls. :)

My hubby got quite a few red and green peppers from his garden. He dried them in the dehydrator, chopped them up small, and put them together in little canning jars. We've never dried veggies like this. Have you?

My Hosanna Joy has donated to Locks of Love 3 times (and she's only 16). Her hair grows quite fast, and she can donate every couple of years. :)

Sorry about the belligerence. I will keep you in my prayers.



Sean Nebblett said...

love this. :)