Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Division of Disibilities

Summer is coming.

It's not around the corner or anything, 

But I just cannot bear the thought of another summer quite like the last one...

I have to be prepared with a better plan than I had for Missy.

The way I feel about it right now is that I could not survive that again.

I finally got the paperwork filled out and taken to the DDD a few weeks ago.

Today I found out that the children have open files... have had for years. Okay, so that was easy...

Wish someone had told me.

BUT anyway, I asked for respite.

As it goes, it isn't quite like I had hoped, but I can get in-home respite for about 20 hours a month.

It's something, anyway.


Anonymous said...

This is probably going to be a rather silly sounding question, but what is an open file?? People keep talking about them, and I can't figure out what they are (or what it means?)!

GB's Mom said...

It is a start!

Oldqueen44 said...

Once the babies are gone you might find life is easier than you have been experiencing as of late. Maybe Missy will settle a bit also. It is a tough job you have.

angela ford said...

Not silly at all.

An open file,

At least in this case,

means they are already in the system and their disabilities have been recorded and verified and both children are eligible for whatever benefits are available to them.

My job is to figure out WHAT those benefits are.

So, they have a file and it is active at DDD. Clear as mud? :-)

rachel said...

Having that file already in place is priceless! I am slowly toiling away at getting my kids some services. My second son has an IQ test scheduled for Friday. He will only qualify if his IQ is below 70. I have no idea whether he will qualify, he's going to be borderline.
Good luck! Funding is getting harder and harder to come by.