Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Build -a -Pizza Party

I kept the twins out of school today.

We were avoiding halloween, it's nonsense, the over-stimulation of what they don't understand, and it's sugar.

Of course, they were all jazzed about the parties everyone was talking about, so we invited a brother-sister duo..  Peyton and Grace and had a pizza party. I even bought potato chips for a treat. YAY. no sugar. :-)

All the fixings for the pizza were there. They just had to build their own.

The twin's crusts looked okay until I tried to get them off the pan....  gluten free is the pits!

I was feeling horrid. Laid on the floor and could not get back up. The girls came home a bit early. One took over the babies... and the other two took care of choir. I slept ALL. afternoon.
In other news,
Steve met up with his brother, Peter and nephew, Andrew at the airport and took Andrew to the medical center.
They feel they got more help in three hours there
than the 8 months of craziness in Canada.

He'll be back in two weeks for the referral appointments.
The guy is so fortunate to be alive.
Hitting a moose and sustaining this type of brain injury is nothing to scoff at...
yet, the doctors in Canada have done just that,
and worse.
They even tried to sabotage the referral to this medical center in the USA 
and almost succeeded. In fact, the referral was denied...
BUT Steve and Peter worked relentlessly on this and 
won him the right to a second opinion.
It should NOT be this hard.

Prayers for his complete recovery are requested!
God has a reason for saving him alive. He has a purpose for his future.

THANKS to LEASA for finding them a place to stay.
It worked out wonderfully, and now we know where to stay when we have medical appointments in that big city!

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Oldqueen44 said...

You are right, It should not be that hard. So glad things are working out for the good.
Hope you are feeling better.