Saturday, October 27, 2012

1st Over-Night Visit

The babies were home for 24 hours. It was their first planned over-night with their mom and dad and siblings. I totally thought this idea of having an over-night once or twice a week until they are returned home silly. I thought, if they are going to do it, do it,  BUT as we learned the night did not go well . Neither children would sleep. They were not familiar with the new sleeping arrangement and disturbed the whole house.

The mom was like, "I just so hate to admit that it didn't go well and that it was really hard on all of us."

But she also shared how thankful she was to have her whole family back together again. She sat in the rocker in the evening watching the kids play with their dad and let the happy tears roll. 

We picked up the Buddy for Sabbath School. He loves it and so his parents have offered to let us continue taking him each week. He was so tired from not sleeping. Directly after his class I took him home and put him in his bed and he slept like a log for more than 2 hours.

We then all went to his grandma's house for his sister's birthday. All the grandparents were there, aunts, uncles, the children's friends... it was a good chance to get to know people and mingle.

We brought the little ones home with us. They get to go to church tomorrow, too. The parents have both found God and are building a relationship with Him and attending church.

The girls went with Natalie and Ellie to the other Spanish church to present music. They've been in demand everywhere, lately. Since coming home from Hungary Vanessa has been able to go to our church twice, maybe. They were actually double booked for this weekend. Thankfully, they managed to bow out of the speaking engagement until a later date. With the meetings going on at Valley View the girls have been singing there a lot plus doing all the children's program.

We have had rain every day. As a result, I have had a migraine every night. I need to move to the desert.

I'm not sure when the next over -night is. Hopefully we can figure out ways to make it work better next time.


aka. Mimi said...

Overnights can be hard when the change is new. I've found the easiest transitions have been to start with a few long daytime visits that include naptimes before going straight into overnights. They'll have a chance to get used to sleeping in a new environment, but without the fear of the dark. My last little guy has always made the trip between his father's house and mine with his favorite stuffed animal and blanket to help with the change as well.

So happy their parents are doing well and that things are looking good despite a few little bumps in the road. It's always so special to be a part of families healing.

Jennifer P said...

Have you considered doing overnights more frequently and maybe one at a time? So that both kids could get special attention on both ends during the transition? Or would that be more disruptive? Always looking outside the box to help everyone involved. I love how you are intertwining the families and meeting everyone. It can only help the kids...well done, good and faithful servant!

Mitzy said...

I agree with Mimi. When Primo started day visits we bought a second favorite blanket and stuffed animal and sent them with him on his first day visit. This helps him nap at his parents home and I am hoping this will help him transition to sleeping over when that time comes.

Oldqueen44 said...

I live inthe desert, you can be my neighbor.