Monday, October 22, 2012

Handing Over the Baton

Steve and I decided it was time to take the babe to the doctor even though he seems not to  be worse, just not better. 
Nighttime is still rough and I wanted to make sure we weren't headed towards pneumonia.
I called his mom and asked if she wanted to go with me. 
She did. 
So I dropped by her place and picked her up on the way past.
It certainly makes it easier to have two sets of hands and legs with 
two kiddos in boring doctor's office.
The babe is fine.
Keep doing what we are doing...
Which is a lot of steamy showers,
nasal spray,
elevated head in sleep
lots of fluids.

To me, it was less about the illness,
and more 
about including the mother the decisions
and care of her children.

We're in the process of handing over the baton of parenting
and we're letting them know that we believe
they will do this well.

Wednesday is the big meeting.
I'm curious as anything how the details will shake out,
but I am pretty sure the babies
will start getting overnight visits several times a week 
until the second week of November
when the judge declares they are home to stay.

And we're celebrating with them their victory over the
beast that nearly destroyed the family,
and celebrating with them in the little things,
like the new bedroom set up,
a temporary job, and
furniture filling the vacant spots about the house.
We bow in praise and thanksgiving
for the miracle wrought,
and pray for a cover of protection for the future.

This is a very exciting transition and it isn't quite like people picture....
you know, the ones that say,
"I could never do foster care. I could never give them back!"

It's a time of jubilee.
~ One more family spared
the massacre of the enemy
bent on destroying love
in this old world.


Jennifer P said...

I believe the feelings that surround being part of reuniting a family are deep and abiding joy. As hard as it is, something seems so right about it.

pia said...

Why are you formatting like you are writing a poem?

angela ford said...

Does it matter?

I find it easier to read than all squished up together in blocks. That's all.

It's not poetry, for sure.