Thursday, October 11, 2012

Counting My Blessings

I have a lot to be thankful for. I hardly know where to start.

Last evening James sat down and did an entire page of addition facts - no sweat. He used beads for the problems he hadn't memorized, but he did know a lot of them. When I think of last year and how we had such a hard time motivating him and the fight he would put up if he had to write more than 3 numbers, I am amazed and grateful. He's figured out that all kids do math and the fact that he is behind them isn't discouraging him, but actually pushing him to try harder. He likes to do Xtra math on the computer every evening. He was cheering for himself when he got 6 smiley faces in a row. I congratulated him and told him I was excited for him. He said, "Well, my friend, Lane, gets a lot more smiley faces. I'm not very good, but I want to".

I was blown away. Was he actually communicating his thoughts ?? . . . that's BIG folks!!

James loves to read to me every evening. He reads well. Besides the little books he brings home from school and reading class with Mr. Morgan, I have him read to me from the Bible and he enjoys it. He has always enjoyed reading, though, so it is no surprise.

His writing is the challenge, but really, what 8 year old boy is into writing sentences? His dexterity and coordination has improved much, but it's still a challenge to write legibly.

When I think of trying to teach the twins and dealing with the behaviors of the past two years it's enough to make me start crying just thinking about it..... but when I contemplate the way things are going this year... the educational help, the IEP, the high structure that keeps their anxiety down, and the improvement Missy is experiencing with the CPAP... why, it's enough to make me start crying all over again, thankful tears.

At first I couldn't get enough of the peace of the school hours. I couldn't get enough of the solitude. I willed myself to meet the bus at three and the chaos that ensued. However, I'm finally feeling more rested and I don't mind greeting the twins. They are happy to see me {which is big} and they have a little routine down for the afternoon and I wouldn't call it chaos anymore. I'm actually getting a handle on the housework that has become overwhelming.

Missy continues to do great. She is handling life without a daily crisis. She is still manipulative, but when I call her on it she does not explode. She loves school. Every day is exiting. She doesn't seem to realize that the work is hard for her. I guess they give her enough support that she is moving along, but not swamped by it. Her progress is markedly different from James' but we celebrate each step.

The Duckling has been sleeping better that last few nights. I have only had to get up a few times a night recently. He is getting so cute - so big and fat. Buddy is not talking much at all, but he understands everything. I don't know when he's going to decide that screeching isn't the best form of communication. It's absolutely ear piercing. If you heard him you would understand why his seat is furthest from the driver's at the back of the 12 passenger... The family is doing so well. I take the kids to them for the visit early quite often. So long as grandma is around they can have the kids all they want. I am encouraging the mom to have the Duckling as much of the day as she can spare. They are preparing a place to live.... and have quite a few appointments per week still, and being dependent on Grandma's schedule narrows the window a little. He needs to build that attachment to her. There is no question about the Buddy's attachment to his family. He loves them with his whole heart. It's not possible to really know the baby's attachment, but I know he and I are a bonded little pair.... and I just can't help but worry just a little.

Choir started yesterday. Oh my!! We had a ton of kids. I can honestly say that 1 out of every 5 kids is not a naturally on-tune singer. Used to be I put the child learning to sing on tune beside a strong singer, and this year it isn't even possible. I had 4 to 5 non-singers standing beside each other in a row. And row number one had only two real singers in all. Considering, the sound was not too bad. I have my work cut out for me, but I know they can learn and they will.

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