Monday, October 15, 2012

{ true story }

Toddlers are fun because everything is always new & exciting. 
Even if it isn't the first birthday party they've been to, it's the first one they remember :-).
And they are so much fun because no preconceived ideas of how things 
should be done.
They are delighted with every unexpected turn of events.... 

well, usually.

We lit the candles for Vanessa at the table.
It was a challenge not to get burned.
And Buddy was in AWE!

He was so thrilled he was standing on his chair exclaiming over each and every candle 
as we lit them.

As we sang happy birthday he kept his eyes fixed on the flames 
- drool cascading down from his open mouth. 
He was entranced.

AND then, of course, as the song ended, Vanessa drew a deep breath and blew 
them all out at once

to his absolute horror!

He was shocked,
He was aghast,
he was  MAD!!

He stood there on the chair, arms outstretched and shaking,
~ screaming at the top of his lungs,
while the whole place erupted in howling laughter.

How was he suppose to know
that the sparkling delight was lit
for the sole purpose of being snuffed out?

 I took a candle and lit it
and blew it out.
I re-lit it and invited him to blow on it,
but it took several lessons before he got passed the disappointment of blowing it out
to work up the desire puff it out himself.
Everyone cheered and he was pacified.
 A bite or two of the dessert later and all was forgotten.


The duckling has been losing this nickname in favor of a new one.
What else would you call
a fat ROUND faced baby
with a little curl on the top of his head
two little ears sticking out 
a furrowed brow.


Charlie  ?

 Okay. So this isn't him
but it surely could be,
only his curl is real and not sharpied on
and his ears are - well,
let's just say they are quite a bit more visible than this little chap's ears are.

Trust me.
He's the cutest babe around :-)
And we've got about three more weeks to enjoy our little men.

Speaking of little men.
The one permanent little man child in our house walked to school today.
And I figured out why...

Sort of why anyway,

After it was announced that the bus was approaching
I watched him put his shoes on
then take them off
and put them on
and take them off
and put them on
all the while
dancing a frantic jig...
"where's my coat?"
"where's my backpack"
"where's my homework"

which, was all right there...

I would say anxiety took over and unraveled him,
wouldn't you?

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