Saturday, September 1, 2012


Little Miss crashed yesterday afternoon. I knew she was tired from adjusting to school. She ended up with a melatonin and an early bed. As I followed her to her bed I was trying to talk to her, but in her screaming and noise she didn't even know I was there. She yelled, "I'm SOOOOO STUPID!"

It makes me sad because this is her shame overwhelming her. At same time I was thankful to know that she knew it was her own choices put her in bed early. I told her she was tired and that is why she needed to get some extra sleep. This morning she awoke fine.

James made a thoughtless mistake at lunch. I corrected him and dealt with it. No biggie. He complied and handled it just like a kid would. A tear or two, but life went on. His sister observing decided to try it. She did not handle the correction and was eventually removed from the table. From there she was on a rant that wouldn't quit. I asked her to stop or go on the trampoline. All the crazies broke loose.

I was kicked in the face, swung at, called stupid  and screamed at that she hated me. She was/is out of her mind with anger. I have a migraine. It's a good thing she barely got me with her foot to my jaw.  Vanessa came to my aid and  physically  got her on the trampoline.

This afternoon Isabelle, McKenzie, and Walter are getting baptized at the river. After the baptism is a potluck picnic. I decided that Missy is not in the frame of mind to handle a social.  Vanessa has decided to take Peggy's place with the elderly Jackie so that Peggy can enjoy the fellowship. Vanessa plans to take Missy with her. I pray she doesn't fly off the handle again.

James just went and cut out a paper heart and wrote: I Luv You mom and dad.

Always, if you look, there's a rose among the thorns to ease the way just a little....


Mama D’s Dozen said...


So sorry.

Thankful for the heart from James.

:) :) :)

Oldqueen44 said...

Thank God for rosy moments.

Barbara said...

So sorry to hear this. It is so hard, but she loves you too, she just can't say it at this moment. Everything else she is experiencing is too overwhelming. When we love the unlovely, that is when we really love, like Jesus. Any time we have any mercy in our heart for someone, we can know it is from Him. We can't do it naturally. The amazing thing is that He loves us, unconditionally, forever, at our best and at our worst. God bless you for loving these two children for Him, even though you didn't have to.