Friday, September 21, 2012

Under Seige {Clarifying one major detail.....}

It's a struggle for school to be closed so long for the one little girl in our house.  What if this smoke lasts a month? I heard  one town in another state has been wrapped in smoke for 6 weeks already. It proves we won't all be dead in a few weeks, anyway.  The behavior hadn't been too bad until today. She had a violin lesson to look forward to yesterday and that was a positive that kept her going. This morning early, early I got the impression she hadn't slept... and the way things have escalated, it's probably true. Today was suppose to be the day she was fitted for her c-pap. Highway closures and smoke effectively cancelled that. So, what to do...  I can't send her outside. In fact, I can't even have her sit on the trampoline when she starts screaming...  and for attention she won't wear her mask properly when she has to go outdoors.

We're sick from the smoke. I worry most about the babies.

Today I had to be super firm with {THE TWINS' } bio mother. It's not my forte.... I would rather she get the hint, but for some reason she remains super determined or super clueless.  I get emails from her from once a week to a couple a day several times a week. She wants to come here and visit the kids. She has told me at least ten times what her plans were.  I have tried to subtly and not so subtly discourage her. She was very forward in her last email this morning and I put the cabbash on her big plans. She's gone so far as to ask for sleep overs and such. She lacks boundaries... and she wants to be back into the kids' lives. I'm fine with the emails. I can deal with that and answer them as I have time. This does not effect the children at all... however I have a duty to protect them from contact beyond the once a year, 2 hr visit that we agreed to in court... obviously, there is a trauma history there that we cannot ignore. The children are far from healthy and  bio mother is far from healthy, too.

{I didn't make it clear which bio mother I was talking about... and there was some confusion. I have nothing but positive to say about the foster kids mom. We are working together nicely and I believe she is doing everything, along with dad, to make a safe home for the children. I''m thinking they'll be home by Christmas.}


Shonni said...

I am so sorry about the smoke and pray for you all to remain healthy in spite of it.
Sorry about the bio mother stuff. So sad and frustrating, I’m sure.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

I had to re-read to figure out which bio. mom. Good to clarify. :)

Hope the smoke clears soon. Thinking of you often as we hear of the continuing fires.

Laurel :)