Monday, September 17, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air . . . .

{  Literally and Figuratively.  }

It was good to get away from the SMOKE

and the rush of life.

Christ invites us to "Come ye apart and rest awhile". 

Notice He's not saying "Go away"

but "COME".

He wants us to find rest in Him and in the quietness of  His created works.

 Enjoy a smattering of pictures from DAY 1:

We invited a special family to join us for adventure and fellowship.

We're glad they are spontaneous and can manage a change of plans.

We didn't give them much notice!

We came back home to more smoke and air quality 
almost off the charts way up in the hazardous zone.

It's another unplanned school holiday.
They had planned another late start,
but things are not improving 
and they cancelled altogether.


Bethany said...

Where did you find a lifejacket that fit the baby. We have been looking for one for Heidi but can't seem to find one her size.

Bethany said...

By the way your pictures are beautiful. I miss the beauty of northern Idaho.

Acceptance with Joy said...

The life jacket thing was difficult. We have a life jacket that said it was for infant - up to so many pounds... BUT the trouble is it's totally uncomfortable. Mostly he slept so it was okay, but it's like a straight jacket. His arms sticking out the side and he doesn't have enough neck. I skipped out on the last outing since it was a bit hard with lifejacket and they were out looking for moose. I kept the two squawkers at the cabin.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Looks like fun. So glad you got away for a couple of days. So sorry about the ongoing fire situation. I keep reading updates, and have been thinking of you a lot.


Elyssa said...

Oh, So fun! So glad you got to do this. I love, love, the baby feet photo! Just soo adorably cute!! :D

Bethany said...

Thanks for the info on the life jacket.