Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Almost Late

The twins missed breakfast, but they did not miss the bus. I feel bad, only because the bus showed up 15 minutes earlier than we had thought it would. It was half an hour earlier than last week so, it wasn't really the kids fault, but they weren't exactly moving their little behinds very quickly. James had taken his vitamins and herbs... so I half expect a phone call from the school saying he's thrown up and has a stomach ache.

 Missy actually ran away from me instead of coming to me when I called to do her hair. That went over like a lead balloon, as you can imagine. It's these unexpected little things that get me.... I was totally fine while she raged over missing swimming yesterday. I could be completely calm and objective and I totally expected her to fly off the handle when Steve left to take the boys swimming. She still hadn't done the morning chore I had asked her to do and it was 3:30 in the afternoon. She didn't deserve to go swimming, and she had been well warned. Although, we are beginning to think that warnings are not a good thing anymore and that giving the kids a warning is backfiring. It's hard to break my habit of giving warnings, though. They take them as threats, and they like to play chicken with them.

I am horrified to say, The Buddy broke his front teeth and we don't know how it happened. Perhaps on the edge of the pool. The one is a chip and the other is a really bad chip!

Steve is sick and home. That never happens.

The babe doesn't feel the best.


Vertical Mom said...

It's one of those days for a lot of people :-( I hope yours gets better!

GB's Mom said...

Sorry it is one of THOSE days :(

Anonymous said...

Hope things turn around for the better soon! Love, Antionette