Thursday, September 27, 2012

It Happened....

She missed the bus.

We're passed the 20 minute tantrum on the porch.

She's completed her chores.

She let me hold her and comfort her.

Now for the hike. 

Only, the air is heavy with smoke again and I can't go because of the babies.... so, Christina has volunteered and they get to wear their masks. I'll pick Christina up when they arrive at school.

I have a theory.

I got a note from her teacher yesterday that said, "Oooops!  I forgot she can't have gluten and dairy and she ate TWO cupcakes". It just might help to explain why she was so uncooperative this morning. And then again, it might not. She has been playing chicken.... she's the last one out of the door the last few mornings.

Tomorrow she gets fitted for her cpap. I can hardly wait!


Oldqueen44 said...

I think it is a little scary that the teacher said OOPS! What if your child had a peanut allergy? ...and two cupcakes?

Trinie said...

I like how you changed your blog! Very cute! Yea for Christina, to walk her sister to school! She is a wonder! Love that girl! I pray tomorrow morning goes smoother!