Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy With School

The twins are happy with school.

They leave excited. They come home with stories.

Missy has been happy, helpful, sweet, anticipating people's needs and just a fun kid to be around.

You never thought I would say that, did you?

Her teacher told me she's trying hard in classes and even when she was held back from recess to finish her work she kept at it until she was done.

I realize this is the honeymoon stage, and we wonder just how things will shake out over time, but I have a feeling she will do well. Having to meet the bus is BIG! It's not about me dragging her into the car, or anything, it's about her running down to meet Miss Mary on time.

James has less one on one time, so I wonder how he is actually doing. He's thrilled, though.

I'm enjoying the peaceful mornings. We just relaxed all morning and read and did whatever this morning. It felt so good and so weird. I finally got going and started organizing a plan for Christina's tenth grade year. It's her last homeschool year. I want to make it her best.

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