Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Xtra Math

This is utterly amazing!

I have not idea how long it will last. It seems too good to be true.

Missy comes home from school on her very BEST behavior. She puts her coat, shoes and book bag away, changes out of her school clothes, drinks her water, brushes her teeth, empties her lunch bag and shows me her homework folder and reads to me. She gets her homework done with a happy face.

All of that with no prompting.

So that she can do 

MATH ~ !

Xtra Math on the computer,

to be more specific.

Doesn't that just stun the socks off you?

It sure does me.

Wonders never cease. I am grateful for incentives in any form, 
but this seems like a double win to me.


C Dawn's bucket said...

That is awesome! I think this website might be a tad bit advanced for where the twins are, but thought I would pass it on so you could look at it and decide. My boys love to practice their math facts (+,-,X, divide) on this game. There is both a free and a paid version.

Mandy said...

Wow, that is amazing. I am happy for her to be in such a peaceful place.

Mama said...

Hannah's school uses Xtra Math too (as well as a site called iXl that covers other math concepts besides the basic facts). She HATES Xtra math even though she essentially has her math facts memorized. That darn timer at the bottom (the colored circles that light up) simply paralyzes her. We've had more tears and attempts at computer destruction over that site than anything else this year. I'm so glad it's motivating for Missy. Hannah's teacher says that most of the class loves it. Hannah does much better with iXl so we've been given permission to switch to it solely. For my sanity I'm so happy about that!

Diane said...

My son is required to do a session of XtraMath every night for homework. He loves it! So much better than timed worksheets.

Acceptance with Joy said...

Thank you for the websites. I'll be checking them out!