Sunday, September 23, 2012


I thought I would count how many times I had to wake up to tend the baby last night....

It's no wonder I'm trashed .... and my motivation has flown the coop.

I'm sure his throat is raw like the rest of us.

I got up 11 times by midnight... Kind of lost track after that and Steve started getting up, too.

Every time I close my eyes I go straight into dreaming... and the worst, most bizarre dreams ever. I've even been struck by lightning!!

On a happy note, the air is clearer. I can see the mountains South of us.

I'm thankful to see the little Duck is on track developmentally. He is now rolling from front to back and back to front. He's trying to hold objects. He even took the pacifier from me and tried to put it in his mouth. He wasn't too successful, but he's definitely on target. He's our little sunshine boy! He's so sweet and so precious.

I was in the mother's room at Valley View. They have a few children in the same age category as Buddy. I am amazed to see how much taller and bigger he is than the average child.

The Vanessa and Brianna had the sermon at Valley View yesterday. They did a good job. We are very proud of them. Thankful for their personal experience and the insight God had given them. Steve, unfortunately was sick in bed and did not get to hear them.

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