Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fostercare * SMOKE * Escape

The smoke is so bad that kids can't play outside.

THIS is a HUGE trial to the Buddy!! You can only imagine what mischief he cooks up when he's confined to the indoors.

The little Duck is still waking in the night for feedings and I KNOW he's FAT enough to go all night, so last night I started offering him water instead of milk and he accepted that. He's turning into a little thumb sucker. He grabs blanket in his fists and stuffs his thumbs in his mouth... yep. TWO thumbs at a time.

I broke down and picked up a double stroller from the used baby store. It was either get myself an exercise machine or cave and buy a double stroller. I think I'm putting on weight by the day with these little people holding me close to home. Also  the babe waking me multiple times a night doesn't help because I'm tired in the day. BUT we can't use the stroller with this smoke. The air quality is at HAZARDOUS. No pictures today because it's a complete white-out. The air quality is 492 out of 500 on the scale... Steve out there trying to paint the house with a mask on and nobody is offering to help.

We're planning to escape this weekend for cleaner air. We are headed to a friend's "cabin" with some friends. The girls were like, "it's a good thing we invited friends to go with us.... We couldn't stand to go there without Twalisa, Emily and Shiloh otherwise. The lack would be felt too keenly."

We're at the stage of the game where we forging ahead with a relationship with the babies' parents. I know this is unusual, but the Mom has spent time at our house visiting the little ones... running after Buddy and snuggling the baby. This is good for the kiddos. Most of the visits are at Grandma's house now just a mile or so from my house and it is so much nicer for everybody. Office visits are just so unnatural. When his mom walked in our house, he was sitting in the high chair and his face broke out in a big grin and he waved and said, "HI!" So cute. He gave himself 100% to his mom's attention. I was grateful to see. I endeavored to let mom be mom and pull myself back. I think this will make it easier to let them go later.

Thinking about our little trip this weekend and how thing went with the twins last spring there... I have realized we have COME a LONG way in the bathroom habits and some of the behaviors even since last spring. Also, Missy's gut issues seem to have cleared up altogether. We are still doing the multidophelus-  acidophelus, evening primrose oi, omega 3, multi vitamin, grapeseed extract, St John's Wort, etc... The 5HTP did not work out well for James. It was fine for Missy, but we got the opposite effect that we wanted for James.

The twins have not missed the bus yet. :-) I was seeing them slide towards a behavior that MAKES US do all the work. I told my husband that, though they aren't likely to be aware of it, they are all for TRAINING US to do things their way and we have to get things into perspective a couple times a week. It's amazing so many of the behaviors disappear for a short time when we let them know we have noticed what is happening. The sluggish, slow lethargy suddenly dissipated into thin air when my husband and I confronted the problems cropping up. We let them know that skipping breakfast was no longer an option. Hopping on the bus before they have brushed their teeth, etc... isn't going to happen again. They have to get their things done before the bus arrives, or they walk...  OF course, no one can walk in this thick smoke so the pressure is on us . . . which is exactly opposite of how it is suppose to work. You win some, you lose some.

James is a typical kid in that he'd like to be lazy and forget what I ask of him from day to day. So, he has been having to wash and fold his own laundry because he leaves it on his bedroom floor instead of carrying it to the laundry room. His lunch bag comes home from school so full of wrappers and garbage and half eaten food I won't touch it anymore. I told him if he can't dump his trash like everybody else at school and keep the food from getting all over the insides of his lunch bag he will have to tackle it when he gets home himself, because I'm not a maid. ;-)  Missy is very clean about her lunch bag and she eats every last crumb. BUT these are the normal lessons of growing up and I'm glad to face typical for a change.


They sent all the kids home from school because of the smoke.

And there was an earthquake to top off the fun :-)

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