Friday, September 28, 2012

Transitioning the Foster Babes ... & other news

Little miss came home from school and greeted me with a very big smile.... Her eyes were sparkling and she was nearly laughing, but I sensed deep meaning behind the grin. I smiled back and just said, "You have a funny smile."

I intended to leave it at that. She had been embarrassed to enter class late and I wasn't going to rub it in. Walking to school was consequence enough.

But she blurted out, "TOMORROW I won't be late!"

"Is that so?! Okay, it's up to you."

Today she was on time. She couldn't resist trying to hook someone, anyone, into a little manipulation game through her million questions of "What do I do now? and How do I do it?", though. I finally told her I wasn't talking so she best figure it all out on her own. And, of course all the mysteriousness shrouding her daily routine dissipated eventually.

Itty Bitty Duckling is nearly 5 months old. He wants to . play . with . toys. His mind is ahead of his body. It's exhausting watching him work out his coordination. It's exhausting trying to keep him content.

Family visits are nearly every day now. Wednesday I needed to go to town first thing, so I dropped the kids off with their family at 8:30 am and I didn't get them back until 3:30 pm. As the time draws closer to the children going home I feel myself getting very ready to hand them back over to their rightful parents. I love them, and I enjoy them, but I'm actually very tired. Nights have been tough. Buddy is incredibly busy and a person has to have eyes on all sides of their head to keep him out of trouble. The co-parenting thing is a bit tough in that when he's with his family, because they miss him so, and because it's their sole purpose during visits to build a relationship with him, he has their FULL and COMPLETE attention. Here, he is one of seven, if you get my drift....  He is quite determined to get his way and we are having to use time-out a lot lately. He's been a little less accident prone this past week and there are no new major injuries to report :-)

Vanessa had her wisdom teeth pulled. The clinic wanted to use general anesthetic. We were like, "WHAT? Local worked fine for us in our day... Besides, you come from tough stock. Your great, great grandmother had a dentist come by her house and pull every tooth in her head without any pain killers and she never so much as whimpered. Your grandmother pulls teeth in Africa for free if the unlucky patient will forgo the Novocain.  Your grandfather won't go to the dentist if they insist on freezing him up. You can do it, kiddo!!" 


Okay, she said she did not feel any pain and only blacked out once - after it was all over and she'd pulled her ear plugs out, and turned off her ipod and she thought about what had just taken place...

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