Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sick . Math . Sick

I have been sick. Trying to decide  if I should teach choir today or not. I have no desire to expose all those kids to that bug if indeed it is still hanging around.

Our house is very lived in. So many people in the house can be a recipe for a disaster if no one is keeping tabs on the daily, hourly clean up....

The little guys were here all day yesterday as their mother had some undesirable, interesting trials regarding transportation... Those little guys are sick, too.

Steve took Missy to Children's today. She should come home with her hearing aid this evening.

James and I have been working really hard on his math facts. 
I don't think he knew that he could just look at a flashcard, know the answer and just say it. 
It was always this long drawn out process of looking at the card, 
saying the problem out loud a couple times 
and then counting on his fingers to get the answer.
 While I know he is learning, he gets more and more behind his class.
In fact all the math papers he brings home are 10 % correct
and the skill level only keeps increasing and nothing has changed. 
Math was looking like a lost cause.
 I had to fine tune my strategies a few times but suddenly he's catching on. 
He finally gets it and just says the answer quickly. 
I am "rewarding" him for doing so well with "allowing" him to do a math program on Khan Academy on the computer. It has no flashing lights, no bright colors, and nothing even slightly hypnotic about it and when I say he's done he walks away without the slightest rise of anger for which I am thankful. 

I am very close to dismissing our "homework helpers" as we started calling the health care workers from DDD. It's kind of a joke. I get more done in 15 minutes than they can do in 2 hours times two people.  My expectations were way too high, apparently.

I had this big conversations at the EQ Summit with a Speech Pathologist over supper and I'm really contemplating putting both kids back into speech at the hospital. What they get at the school is not enough.

I would like to ask for prayer for a family from our church. About the time that I had that tiny twin go into the hospital with RSV, this little man (2yrs)  went in also for the same thing. Then he came home and all was fine. Sunday the girls babysat both these kids. Monday the little boy had emergency surgery for intussiception of his bowels (basically bowels swallowed themselves). Now he has pneumonia. His sister (3yrs), off and on, has had seizures and some fairly recent, and mom had knee surgery, and they are trying to build a house,  (right near us), and the stress (and financial strain of the medical crisis) is rather discouraging. Here are the faces we are praying for!


Sarah said...

I have to say I'm amused by your comment about being able to get so much more done than the "homework helpers." My mom has had such a hard time getting anybody capable of doing anything--you just have to look long and hard. :P

Oldqueen44 said...

I will pray for the family.
How does that bowel thing even happen?

Oldqueen44 said...

I googled it and I read this...

There has been suspicion[5] that it may be linked with certain childhood vaccinations due to improper use. The CDC through the Federal Government of the United States through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program provides compensation for individuals who suffer from injuries, if proven in court, of their reaction to vaccines that contain "live, oral, rhesus-based rotavirus."[6]